Monthly Event held in Inbound League hosted by Ellista Inc.
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About Inbound League:
これからのグローバル&ローカルビジネスを考え、実践する人たちが集い、繋がり、拡がる場所「INBOUND LEAGUE 」2017年10月20日(金) 新宿三丁目駅徒歩2分 にオープン。

About Ellista Inc.
We commit to connect regions and the world by offering opportunities for travelers to interact with locals. The concepts of our tours are feeling and experiencing a quintessence of locals that has long been blossomed and remain in the region. Unique experience, such as meeting delightful local persons, brilliant gourmet, attractive cultures and customs developed through their dairy life would make a trip in Japan more memorable.

We focused on creating and promoting community-based tours in Japan with pioneers and specialists in the regions to invigorate economy of the area.